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Consider this a Curriculum Vitae…

Exhibitions & Events


Popcorn Festival – Novosibirsk, Russia

Просто Куча Слов – Solo Exhibition
книжный магазин – Все Свободны – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Куча Слов – Duo Exhibition with Mayana Nasibullova
ФОНД “КУЛЬТУРНЫЙ ТРАНЗИТ” – Yekaterinburg, Russia


Omaha Zine Fest – Omaha, NE

God Bless Generica in Siberia Tour
Галерея Левая нога – Omck
Дом единорога – Krasnoyarsk
Snow Man Clothing – Novosibirsk
Арт изба “Сугроб” – Tara

KC Zine Con – Kansas City, MO

“Soviet Realities” Group Exhibition (Co-Curator)
Telephonebooth Gallery – Kansas City, MO

Press Fest ATX – Austin, TX


Omaha Zine Fest – Omaha, NE

TLSE International Slaps Exhibition – Toulouse, France

Worldwide Slaps Convention – Yokosuka, Japan

Punk Rock Flea Market – Tulsa, OK

O, Miami Poetry Festival – Official Festival Project – Miami, FL
“Pop-Up Poetry Protests” – https://youtu.be/9H3od092ERc

In-Spiral Sticker Exhibition – Budapest, Hungary

Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair – Oakland, CA

Asheville Zine Fest – Asheville, NC

River Des Press Expo – St. Louis, MO

Denver Zine Fest – Denver, CO

Crusty Creature Sticker Jam – Port Perry, Ontario

Notting Hill Garage Sale & Art Market – Novosibirsk, Russia

The Pitch Crafts & Drafts – Kansas City, MO


Milwaukee Zine Fest – Falcon Bowl – Milwaukee, WI

Richmond Zine Fest – Richmond Public Library – Richmond, VA

Handmade & Bound Nashville – Watkins College of Art & Design – Nashville, TN

St. Louis Small Press Expo – St. Louis Public Library – St. Louis, MO

PeaceWorks UnPlaza Art Fair – All Souls UU – Kansas City, MO

“Stuck Underground” Sticker Art Show – Vancouver, BC

KC Zine Con #1 – Kansas City, MO

“ARTBEAT 3” International Street Art Festival – Osijek, Croatia

“In Wall We Trust” International Street Art Exhibition – Airola, Italy

Uptown Arts Bazaar – Kansas City, MO

Oklahoma Anarchist Book Fairs – Tulsa, Oklahoma City

“KEEP it PEEL” Sticker Expo – Wales, UK


Chicago Zine Fest – Chicago, IL

Pioneers Press Spring Tour
spoken word opening for Adam Gnade
The Seed – Lancaster, PA
– Wooden Shoe Books and Records – Philadelphia, PA
– Lucy Parsons Center – Boston, MA
– Mellow Pages Library – Brooklyn, NY
– Boxcar Books – Bloomington, IN

Portland Zine Symposium – Portland, OR

Plug Projects Art Book Fair  – Kansas City, MO


San Francisco Zine Fest – San Francisco, CA

KC Psych Fest – FOKL Space – Kansas City, KS

“Art of Zines” group exhibition – Anno Domini Gallery – San Jose, CA

“Occuprint We Are The 99%” poster exhibition – Ar/ge Kunst Galerie – Bolzano, Italy

KCXX DIY Art Markets – Vandals – Kansas City, MO


“TV Casualty” solo exhibition – Halcyon Diversified Trading – Roeland Park, KS

FOKL Spring/Winter Art Fairs – FOKL Gallery – Kansas City, KS

“Art-Free Arts” solo exhibition – Midwestern Musical Co. – Kansas City, MO


February First Friday group exhibition – Keyhole Gallery – Kansas City, MO

San Francisco Zine Fest – San Francisco, CA

“Treason Is The Reason For The Season” installation – Keyhole Gallery – Kansas City, MO


“The Flower Show” light box sculpture installation – Boley Space / Urban Culture Project
Kansas City, MO –  Atari Installation Video Lapse

“Call Of The Sirens” shadow play – Ramjet Farms – Kansas City, MO – Audience Footage


“Cutting Would” performance – DiatribeVibe Collective – El Torreon – Kansas City, MO
Audience Footage

Blue Glass Projects video installation – Prospero’s Books – Kansas City, MO

“Dangle-A-Baby Day” Michael Jackson commemoration street performance
DiatribeVibe Collective – Kansas City, MO


“3-5-7 Film Festival” – Independent Filmmakers Coalition – Kansas City, MO

“Bentley Super8 Festival” – Independent Filmmakers Coalition – Kansas City, MO


Collections & Publications

La Budde Special Collections – UMKC Library – Kansas City, MO

Underground Blend – Designer Sticker Packs – Vol. 4

Missouri Valley Special Collections – Kansas City Public Library Archives
Kansas City, MO

RevolutionArt Magazine #39 Freedom
Online PDF

Occuprint – Occupied Wall Street Journal poster collection
Submitted as Marc
Submitted as Marx