Always Be Bothered - But Give No Fucks

Always Be Bothered But Give No Fucks

You want one of these stickers?  All you gotta do is ask, or send me some stamps and I'll send you some stickers.  Is that too fuckin hard?  If it's something you wanna do just do it but try not to lose your damn mind or shit yourself in the process.  It's just a life.  
Are we still talking about stickers?

TranArchy Stickers

My friend Josh is a tranarchist...

I made these stickers for him, but you can have a few too...

This Is Not A FUGAZI Sticker

Let us never stop asking ourselves.

This is not a Fugazi sticker.  Fugazi doesn't sell stickers.
Ian MacKaye sells t-shirts at Urban Outfitters.

Get these Fugazi stickers - 2.75 x 4.25 vinyl - 5 for 5 bucks.
Paypal with your address, pal!